Sale….Classic Special PATANGDORI SPL222 with extra glass 9 cord 4000 meter Manja

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🪁CORD : 9 CORD🪁🪁


💎Classic ARTICLE 222- 9 cord kite flying manja💎

🏆Best kite string thread among the kite flying thread.🏆

🪁 Introducing the Classic Special Super Strong and Sharp PATANGDORI SPL222 🪁

🌟 Elevate your kite-flying experience with this exceptional PATANGDORI SPL222! 🌟

🔪 Made for perfection, its sharpness cuts through the wind effortlessly! 🌬️

💪 Super strong construction guarantees durability and resilience! 💪

🔍 Equipped with extra glass for added sturdiness and safety! 😎

🧵 Wrapped in ORIGINAL VARDHAMAN 9 Cord 100% Cotton Thread 🧵

🎉 Enjoy a seamless and smooth kite-flying experience! 🎉

🕹️ The 4 reel manja ensures effortless handling and control! 🕹️

🌈 Perfect for both beginners and experienced kite enthusiasts! 🌈

🪁 Get ready for hours of kite-flying fun and excitement! 🪁

🎁 Gift yourself or a loved one this high-quality kite kit! 🎁

🏞️ Take it to the park, the beach, or your favorite open space! 🏞️

🤩 Unleash the joy and charm of kite-flying with PATANGDORI SPL222! 🤩

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 42 × 12 × 12 cm


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