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Kite Manja - Patang Shop

We do not sell Chinese Manja - Nylon Manja - Plastic Manja or Chemical Dor -

we request you to do not use such threads.

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Kite shop – Manja Shop

Kite Shop – Manja shop Free shipping All INDIA.

Delivery time  3 to 7 working Days for Free shipping.
Express Shipping  @ Extra cost.

Empty Spools & Kite Flying Accessories

Fighter kites - Patang - Bana kite - Pauni Patang - Addhi Patang - Cheel Patang

Why ?

Good Quality kites & Manja

We have 30+ years of kite fighting and kite flying experience. We have dedicated to kite lovers so that you always get best Kites , Patang , Kite flying thread & Manja.

Outstanding support

Our customer support is second to none – users rave about how we don’t rest until every issue is solved to their satisfaction.

Free Shipping

We Offer Free shipping all INDIA. International Shipping to USA , UK , Australia & other Countries also available on chargeable basis.

Discover Our Wide Selection of Kites at India’s first online kite shop! 

Yes, we started in 2009 in INDIA to cater to kite lovers with the best kites and Manja.

At our patang-kite shop, you will get the widest selection of traditional cotton Manja thread, You read correct we only sell traditional cotton Manja thread. We do not sell plastic thread or Chinese Manja or Monokite as it is banned in India and it is hazardous too.

We also deliver kites safely when you order at our online kite store. For kites, we have the following options

  1. Small kites – Manjoli Patang, Addhi Patang , Cheel Patang  
  2. Medium kites – Pauni Patang , Gol Patang , Bana kite , Gol Pauni , Poniya , Rocket Kite
  3. Large kites – 1 Tawa Patang , 1.5 Tawa Patang , Big Bana kite ,
  4. Tukkal Patang – Also called patang in Pakistan and Amritsar. These are special kites with 2 Bows and are made by expert kite makers from Amritsar only.
  5. Fabric kites – come in different shapes such as Delta kites, eagle kites, butter fly kites, etc.
  6. Stunt kites  – Also called dual line kite
  7. Customized orders of Patang – Kite also be taken. We can make a paper pasting-kite as per your design printed on it. If you wish a customized shape kite or with a photo of yours do let us know we would love to do custom kite-Patang.

Fabric kites are made of special kite fabric and are long-lasting kites. 

Kite Manja Shop since 2009

At We are passionate about Kite Manja and that is the reason why we started this website also. You can know more about Manja we sell from this link.

What is Kite Manja?

The Kite Manja is a kind of manja made of cotton thread coated with a mix of glue and crushed glass. It is renowned for its durability and strength which makes it the ideal option when flying kites. Bareilly is a town in UP known for its Manja making industry and manja makers. Kite Manja made in Bareilly is also called Bareilly Manja. Kite  Manja is produced by the town in Bareilly located in Uttar Pradesh, an Indian state in Uttar Pradesh, where kite flying is a common pastime.

Manja is available in reels of various lengths, typically between 1,000 and 5000 yards. 1000-yard Kite Manja is called 1 reel Manja. 2000-yard kite Manja is called 2 reel manja and like wise you can name 5 reels, 6 reels, and 12 Reel Manja from the market. Usually, 1000-yard Manja is made from a 1000-yard cotton thread reel, and some thread is wasted in the making process so mostly we get 900 to 1000-yard Kite Manja in 1 reel Manja.

Where to get the best Kite Manja ? What are the qualities of a good Manja?

Qualities of good Manja are strength, Sharpness, and smooth finish, Once you have all 3 qualities your manja is very good. To make quality kite Manja you need good raw materials like thread, glue, glass powder, and some other materials. There are many bad actors in the market who cheat kite lovers by providing substandard Manja or by providing lesser length compared to the promised length of kite Manja. As kite, Manja is handmade and rolled on spools to sell them. we suggest you to buy Manja from trusted and known sellers only.

Where to buy Kite? Patang? 

Kite is difficult to handle and needs a lot of care and love. There is hardly any money in selling kites, so kite sellers are switching to other businesses, and hence number of kite shops in each city is reducing day by day. We know this issue first hand and our founder’s love for kites and Manja is the sole reason for loving starting and running Our goal is to make the best kite store in the world, as of now we are mostly dealing in paper kites but we will try to make different types of fabric kites available to our customers. We are going to launch foldable paper and fabric kites in the interest of the kite lover community. We try to make available as many options of kites of different sizes and shapes. In India kite makers of Jaipur, Muradabad, and Lucknow are known for top-quality kites with the best craftsmanship, and kite makers of Muradabad and Ahmedabad are known for easy-on-pocket budget-friendly kites. Kite makers from Amritsar are known for big kites and Tukkal Patang, Gudda, etc. 

We Deliver kites and Manja from all over the world from India. Over the years we have developed expertise in packaging paper kites and hence most of our kite packages are delivered in the best conditions.  

Kites to Buy 

We have different kinds of kites available at Here are few categories of kites we would like you to know .

  • Fabric Kite

Fabric ties are made from ripstop nylon fabric or Nylon fabric. These kites can be assembled very easily to make them ready to fly. These kites are very easy to carry around as you can take out the sticks from the fabric of the kite and fold the fabric and put it in a bag or suitcase to carry around. You can fly such fabric kite in all weather conditions without them getting damaged as they are water proof and hard to tear.

here is the link for fabric kite section : Link

  • Paper Kite

Paper kites are what we specialise in, We have provided all designs and sizes of paper kites available at our kite store for you to order. Paper kites come in different size and shapes here is the list to help you know more about it.

  1. Cheel patang – Cheel Kite
  2. Manjola Kite 
  3. Addhi Kite – Addhi Patang
  4. Pauni Patang – Pauna Kite
  5. Bana kite – Bana patang
  6. 1 Tawa Patang – Full sheet kite , 1.5 tawa , 2 Tawa , 4 tawa paper kites are also available.
  7. Machli Patang – Rocket Kite
  8. Gudda 
  9. Gol Pauna – Round Pauni Kite.


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