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Mono kite Manja is also called Chines manja or wire thread in different parts of the world. This Mono kite Manja is very harmful to kite flyers and hazardous in nature so Govt has Banned use of such Manja .

Mono kite Manja price is generally lower than normal cotton manja as its made from plastic waste and 2nd its machine made so not skilled manja makers are required to make mono kite Manja.

We request all kite flyers and Kite lovers to adhere to the true spirit of the game and let your skills do the talking.  We Request you to not use Mono kite Manja or  Mono kite Fighter thread – or Chinese Manja Thread for kite flying as it’s very dangerous and against the spirit of sportsmanship.

Mono Kite – Chinese Manja​
Mono Kite – Chinese Manja​


It is our humble request to all kite flyers to use cotton kite flying thread only and stop the use of Mono kite Manja around your locality.

Buy Cotton Manja made By Indian Makers using traditional Manja making techniques and avoid use of Mono Kite Manja or Chinese Manja or Mono kite Fighter Manja and save kite flying culture of INDIA


Why Mono Kite Manja is cheaper?

Mono kite thread is made from plastic waste while traditional cotton manja is made from cotton thread made of cotton. There is a lot of processing needs to be done to make thread from cotton and then expert Manja makers Make Manja using special materials.  All this handmade process adds value as well as costs.

Which Manja should we use for kite fighting?

we should use only cotton Manja with optimum strength for kite flying and kite fighting. Mono kite Manja or Chinese manja should not be used for kite fighting as it is dangerous for everyone.

Where can I get Mono Kite manja?

In India a lot of people are illegally selling such Mono kite Manja so many YouTubers are openly making videos promoting such products which is not good for society.

Mono kite Manja is also known as chemical dor in Pakistan and govt also put a ban on kite flying due to overuse of such kite flying thread which causes a hazard to the general public and the environment.

Dear kite flyers Mono kite Manja is banned and we don’t suggest you to use such Manja. Some elements in society don’t respect our laws and the welfare of society and illegally sell mono kite manja but we request you to please use only traditional cotton  Manja only.