Shipping Options for International ordersShipping Options for International orders

Small packet service by INDIA POST


It is the cheapest international postal service.

  1. INDIA POST : small Packets service
​Small Packets​Upto First 100gms​For all countries​60.00*
​For every additional 100gms and part thereof upto 2000gms.​For all countries​45.00


Registration Tariff
S. No.Letter-Post Items​​Tariff
​1.​Air Letters, Post Cards and Small Packets​Rs. 70/-


*Tariff of Air Surcharge
S. No.Sector​​Tariff for every 20gms
1.​South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation Countries​Rs. 2.00
​2.​Gulf Countries​Rs. 3.00
​3.​Other Countries in Asia (except South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation and Gulf Countries )​Rs. 4.00
​4.Countries in Europe​Rs. 4.00
​5.​Countries in Africa​Rs. 5.00
​6.​Countries in North America and Australia​Rs. 7.00
​7.​Countries in South America​Rs. 9.00


Maximum for 100 Gram packet is = 60Rs + 70Rs (registration fee) + 9Rs (highest surcharge)

                                                                     =139 Rs  (yes you read it correct its 139 Rs only)

Guidelines for Small packet service

Size Limits 

  • Maximum: length+ width + depth combined = 900 mm,
  • Greatest dimension may not exceed 600 mm, (with a tolerance of 2 mm)
  • In roll form = length plus twice the diameter= 1,040 mm, but the greatest dimension may not exceed 900 mm, with a tolerance of 2 mm.
  • Minimum: to have a surface measuring not less than 90 x 140 mm, with a tolerance of 2 mm
  • In roll form: length plus twice the diameter: 170 mm: but the greatest dimension may not be less than 100 mm

you will think why Small Packets service is very cheap ?

The charges are fixed by International post Union and is same for all the member countries. Rules are also same. This service is mostly exploited by aliexpress for free international shipping.

My experice with Small Packets service as a receiver (when i buy from aliexpress) is excellent , never lost any of my parcel in last 5 years.

As sender my experience is very small when i give away some free stuff i use this service, but all i can say is it is reliable and you must try it if you have items under 2.0 kg and withing the size limits. Smallest of my package is 3.5kg so i can not use it for kites.


Tips :

  1. Most officials are not aware about rules and existance of this service so it will be little tricky when you go to book your first small packet shipment.
  2. Do write” small packet” on the lable as sometime old Indiapost employees insist for this although its not needed.
  3. When someone refuse to book your parcel on this service talk in firm voice that this service is available and you are using it at some other branch for long time.
  4. still if you dont get yes ask him/her to give it to you in writing or record a video ( i had to do it twice but when i take my phone out the person attitude softnes and mostly start taking booking immediately )

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