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Kite is called Patang in India

Patang we sell are Made using kite Paper of 20 to 25 GSM. 

We sell all different size and shapes of kite like Cheel patang , Addhi Patang , Pauni patang , One Tawa , 1. 5 Tawa patang  available. 

All kites are hand made by expert kite makers.

Addhi Patang - Half Sheet kite - અડધિયા પતંગ - अद्धी पतंग

Cheel Kite - Chil Kite - சில் கிட்டே - चील पतंग - ચીલ પતંગ

Large kite - 3/4 Tawa - Pauni Patang - पौनी पतंग - Pauni Kite - પોણિયા પતંગ - Bana Kite - பானா கிட்டே

Big size kites - One Tawa Patang - 1.5 Tawa Patang

Manjoli Patang - Manjola Patang - Easy to Fly kite

Rip-stop Fabric Kite - Beach Kite

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What is the meaning of Patang?

Kite is called Patang in India, Pakistan, and Nepal. Asian countries are famous for kite fighting festivals and kite flying tradition is present in Asian cultures for centuries.

Which country is kite fighting in? Does kite fighting still exist?

Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh all have kite-fighting traditions alive. Even South Asian countries such as Indonesia Malesiya also have kite flying culture alive. In India, the 14th of January is celebrated as Makar Sankranti and in many parts of India people fly Patang in huge numbers.

when someone asks ” Where is patang ka parv celebrated? ” do come to INDIA in January to know and experience

On Independence Day also kite flying is done in Delhi. kite Fighting is really adventurous sport and one must experience the thrill of sensing the kite thread kiss the opponent’s kite thread and its very very special feeling.  It’s very hard to describe in words.


How many types of Patang are there?

There are different types of Patang available in India. All patang are made using rice paper also called kite paper of 18 to 25 GSM in INDIA. Mostly Patang are categorized based on size as below.
  • Manjoli Patang.
  • Addhi Patang.
  • Pauni  Patang.
  • Tawa  Patang, 1.5  Tawa, 2  Tawa, and 4  Tawa.
Manjoli Patang is the smallest patang you can easily fly and do kite fighting whereas 4 tawa is the largest Paper kite made during festivals.
Based on the shape of Patang
  • Cheel Patang
  • Rocket Patang
  • Gol Patang
  • Kauva Patang
  • Bana Kite.

Cheel Patang kite is very popular among kite flyers who do kite fighting using the thread-pulling technique.

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