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At First we are the kite lovers & then fighter kite makers. We are the only kiteshop supplying kites online along with kite string ,kite line, kite flying accessories like spool , spool stands and fighter kites( Indian fighter kite ).

we are here to help kite flying communities in their hobby & passion of flying kites.

our kite store is famous for Indian fighter kites among kite lovers across the world.

we do make kites for kids in our special section of kids kite as kids loves kite flying and kite making.

we are based at Ahmedabad the world capital of fighter kites where during Uttaryan(the local kite festival) city of billion people fly kites and enjoy the traditional style of kite fighting sport.

let me tell you history of how & why we started this kite shop and kite flying string store?

first of all you tell me how the name sounds to you ? !

does the child in you feel good about it ?

I am very passionate about Uttarayan and kites like every Indian Boy.

I love kites & kite fighting and was mad about it. When I was also into e-commerce early on when was selling books I also started a local eCommerce site called in 2005-06 but it did not take off at that time and I put the idea of eCommerce on the shelf for a while as the market was not ready for it and it was still concept only and not very popular. Concept selling is a very hard thing to do as it required behavior change from customers to make it work huge investment needs to be done which as a bootstrap venture I did not had?  And I continued to study and was finishing my Btech electrical engineering like any other young Indian.

Duirng busy days of study I could not get time to prepare my Dori for Uttarayana  & I bought a kite flying thread/Manja from a local shop. It actually hurt me as a kite enthusiast it was fun to buy thread and get custom-made Manja rolled on Spool from Trusted Manja makers.  But still, that was ok the Manja I bought was of poor quality and short in length also. That hurts a lot to a kite enthusiast like me kid in me almost went into depression for days. Then I decided to take control and got connected with Manja makers from Bareilly UP.,

Bareilly is a town famous for its Manja makers for centuries. Explained to them my experience and purchased good quality Manja and my failed eCommerce venture ( experience also came in handy. The idea of starting an e-commerce store was still in my mind and I started it as an experience as kites and Thread is totally unorganized market with a lack of accountability. With the help of a freelance webdeveloper and during that time oscommerce was popular ecommerce open source code and I learn about it online and launced my website

During first year I burned lot of money in advertising and all but since then running kite store as a hobby shop with the help of a small team.

We offer quality products as per the description and we make sure you just have to go to terrace or in open ground and just have good time with kite flying & kite fighting of course……

weather you buy kites online from us or not feel free to talk to us.

we love kites ….& we are always available for you,  feel free to call, meet, text or email. we will love to be with you.
please go to contact us page for our contact details.

Thank you
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