P-1 ONE NATION ONE SKY Shona Kites Platinum Strong 6 cord Tri Color 3 reels

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” The Quality King ”
3 reel Length 3000 yards
6 cord Tournament quality
You deserve the quality of products to win kite fights.
We provide top class quality every year with full swing towards winning ratio.
Motive : Quality with proper length, 100% genuine products.
Once you compare with others you will feel the difference of quality what SHONA KITES provide

Why to buy SHONA Kites ?

1. Most Trustful brand since 2011
2. 100% Satisfied Customers.
3. 100% Surety of Length as well as Quality.
4. Recommended by All India Tournament Level Players.
5. No cost related to dealers and distributors.
6. You get costing direct from Manufacturing Units so you get less price best products.
7. Ready to use manjha there is no such fake updates like other makers store for 2 months, keep in sunlight , keep in freeze and all.
8. We support all weather manjha products there is no drawbacks as per climates.
9. We use branded threads to provide you quality products , never negotiated with cheap quality threads and ingredients.
10. Open challenge compare the cost and quality with genuine quality of products, you always feel best manjha in your hand ” SHONA KITES “

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 43 × 14 × 14 cm


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