WR : 6 reel Vardhman 123 Eleven Star No.1 World Class 12 Times Coating Super Sharp Exclusive Minerals and Abrasives Material Make Due to Lable Shortage No.1 Lable will Come on Upper cover only

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6 Reel No. 1  ” Exclusive Stuff ”

Name itself complete The Class of this Manjha ” No. 1 ” Eleven Star
12 times coating done to this manjha to make it Exclusive sharp finishing for Users.

100% Satisfaction
100% Full Length
100% Abrasives & Minerals ” Rare Available ”

If you have talent than you are unbeatable and All India Tournament Winner.
Note : Availability Once in a WEEK. Color may vary .


Open Challenge once you use this you feel Winner at your own Confidence.

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Dimensions 35 × 15 × 15 cm