Rajdhani Bareilly Manja 9 cord 2100 Meter

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  • 100 % Original Manja
  • Favorite since 30 years.
  • Manja Original 100 % Genuine product.
  • 2.1 reel Length
  • Beautiful Bright color Spool
  • Sharp strong Manja

Experience the Thrill of Kite Flying with Rajdhani Bareilly Manja!

🪁 Authentic and Genuine: Rest assured, our Manja is 100% original, ensuring the highest quality for a seamless kite-flying experience.

🪁 Generous Reel Length: With a lengthy 2.1 reel, you’ll have more than enough Manja to conquer the skies and enjoy hours of uninterrupted fun.

🪁 Beautiful and Bright: The spool comes in a range of stunning, eye-catching colors that add a touch of vibrancy to your kite-flying adventure.

🪁 Sharp and Strong: Our Manja is meticulously crafted to be sharp and strong, cutting through the wind with precision and providing unmatched control.

🪁 Rajdhani Bareilly Manja: Trusted and loved by kite enthusiasts for 30 years, this brand is a favorite among seasoned flyers and novices alike.

🪁 9 Cord 2100 Meters: Experience the power and performance of 9-cord Manja, offering unparalleled strength and resilience during your flights.

🪁 Discovery Blade Manja 2 Reel: Discover a new level of kite-flying excitement with our 2-reel Manja, perfect for sharing the joy with friends and family.

🪁 Time-Tested Favorite: Join the ranks of countless kite flyers who have cherished and relied on our Manja for decades. Its popularity speaks for itself.

🪁 Unleash Your Inner Adventurer: Let our Manja be your trusted companion as you explore the skies, creating lasting memories with loved ones.

🪁 Elevate Your Kite-Flying Experience: Embrace the legacy of Rajdhani Bareilly Manja, and elevate your kite-flying adventure to new heights!

🪁 Fly with confidence, fly with Rajdhani Bareilly Manja – the choice of champions! 🪁

Get your 2-reel pack of genuine Rajdhani Bareilly Manja today and prepare for an exhilarating journey through the skies! 🌈 #RajdhaniBareillyManja #KiteFlyingThrills #HighSoaringAdventure 🌈

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Dimensions 38 × 10 × 10 cm


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