Coats Chain Brand 24 Carat TEJAS Brahmastra Premium Original 100% Cotton 9 cord Thread for Kite-Flying 250 gm
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Coats Chain Brand 24 Carat TEJAS Brahmastra Premium Original 100% Cotton 9 cord Thread for Kite-Flying 250 gm

 950 Price Including GST

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TEJAS Premium Chain 9 cord Thread 

9 cord cotton thread to fly big kites.

250 grams weight = approx 2500 meters of thread.

This is premium kite flying thread so bit costly compare to generally available threads.


Chain Brand TEJAS 9 cord premium Thread 

Feature of TEJAS Thread

  • 100 percent cotton and Glased  white thread
  • 9-Cord thread
  • Perfect for kite-flying
  • Coarse thread
100 percent cotton thread, high in strength and polished for kite-flying purpose, available in multiple choices of thread counts and constructions like 9 cord and 12 cord

9 cord Thread

  • This thread is made up of 9 single very fine cotton threads and thats why it is called 9 cord thread.
  • It has got combine strength of 9 cords.
  • 9 cord thread is capable of medium to large kites flying big kites upto 1 TAWA.
  • This thread is widely used by Ustad kite flyers in kite fighting competitions.
  • we suggest you to get this thread and ask manja makers to coat it ones than was it in water and let it dry over night and again coat it with best manja , That way we get double dhulai Maidani manja (competition grade Manja,Manjha)

Chain Thread

  • Designed for high strength & good kite flying performance.
  • TEJAS is a new ultra premium product, while Chain & Bear are premium brands.
  • Griffin & Gun are the other brands from the coats.

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  4. Generally shipments via registered air mail takes 8-10 days and express shipments take 3-4 working days after dispatch. Sometimes shipping duration is shorter.

How to use this kite flying Thread ?

  • This is just plain kite flying thread without any color or manja coating.
  • It comes in white color only.
  • This thread is rolled on plastic bobbin.
  • you will need to roll this thread on a traditional spool or something with bigger diameter to handle it easily.

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