Paper lantern Tukkal- Indian sky Lantern (pack of 3) Hanging lantern


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Decorate sky with this Tukkal-Indian sky Lantern
you need to put burning candle inside and tie it with the string of flying kites.
Alternatively you can use it to decor your home with filament bulb inside it .

Tukkal- Indian sky Lantern

you will get 3 lantern in this pack.

This is Made up of paper and mostly recycled paper with attractive colors as shown in the image or with nice single line graphics in white background.

you need to put a candle inside and tie to the line of the kite flying in sky Make sure your kite is strong enough to carry the weight of this lantern,

All kites available on are capable to carry the load of multiple Tukkals so dont worry if you kites similar to what we are selling over here.

To tie a Tukkal with string you need a good well balanced kite to so that the line is steady. With some trial and error you will be able to fly this lantern with kite .People in India tie multiple Lantern with one kites like 5-10 lanterns on a single kite string which creates a beautiful scene.

  • Alternatively you can use to decorate the surroundings , #indoor #outdoor .
you can put a candle inside or a light bulb and light up to get a beautiful warm festival like lighting effect.

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tukkal as a decore


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