Kite paper 24 GSM buy online assorted color 100 sheets (10 each of 10 colors )
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Kite paper 24 GSM buy online assorted color 100 sheets (10 each of 10 colors )

 999 Price Including GST

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Kite paper set of 100 sheets

10 colors

10 sheets of each color

great for kite making as well as other projects

For more details please refer product description below.

kite paper Details

Assorted Colors, 100 Sheets,

Dimension 20″ X 30” Inches

Kite paper makes beautiful projects that glow when illuminated by light.

Vibrant colors that complement your origami objects and Magical Window Stars.

Transparent and oil-resistant, it is stronger than tissue paper.

you can easily make 200 kites using 100 sheets of kite paper.

from one sheet you can make 2 kites each if you use this generously and you can make 250 kites using this 100 sheets if you are good at cutting and using kite-paper.

Each pack includes 100 sheets, 10 each of 10 colors,

– High-quality translucent paper
– Great for kites, magical window stars, origami, and various other paper crafts
– Large, 20 x 30 Inches sheets
– Includes blue, brown, lit & dark green, purple, yellow, gold, orange, pink, red & white sheets
РProduct Dimensions: 30 x 20  inches

Want to Know More About Kite Paper?

Kite Paper is Also known as glassine or rice Paper also. Because such translucent paper was mostly used to maker paper kites its popularly known as kite paper. Nowadays people have started more creative use of such paper and so its getting popular as an art paper also.
Mostly such paper can be used for making kites, lanterns, transparency pictures, etc.
Is kite Paper Tissue paper?
No kite paper is colored wax paper and it folds very easily.
How Much GSM is kite Paper ?
Kite paper is 18 to 25 GSM.
Can I Get a customized color for kite Paper?
Yes, you can provide your order quantity that is higher than 1000 KG of Kite paper we can customize colors for you.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm