Pauni Patang पौनी पतंग Tournament kite , Patang , Pauna ,0.75 Tawa ( pack of 25 kites )


Avaibility : Only left in stock

Pack of 25 Long-range kites 

Tournament Quality Pauni Patang

3/4 tawa kite, পাওনা পাতাং,पौनी पतंग

cost may look more but due to shipping and packaging prices this is high.

As 25 to 50 kites shipping cost is same but for those who need fewer kites its more suitable pack.

pack of 25 kites

পাওনা পাতাং

पौनी पतंग

Tournament Quality kite

perfectly balanced kites

Long Rang kites recommended to experienced flyers only

Rampuri Makers craft

Will be shipped in a well-packed box

So kite will not get damaged during transit.


Weight5.5 kg
Dimensions65 × 75 × 10 cm