Fighter kite Patang , Cheel kite pack of 100 kites ચીલ પતંગ
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Fighter kite Patang , Cheel kite pack of 100 kites ચીલ પતંગ

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Cheel kites

size 17 inch by 22 inch

Best kite for kite fighting in INDIA

Free shipping in INDIA

handling is very easy for this kite, suitable for pulling technique.

kite , Patang

 ચીલ પતંગ

Pack of 100 kites , Patang

size 17 inch by 22 inches.

Free shipping in INDIA.

Free shipping takes 6 to 8 working days after dispatch
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This cheel type kite is a unique kite due to its special design.

It has got broad shoulders and that’s why a wider look compare to normal INDIAN Patang.

Cheel kite available in all sizes like with

  • 26.5 inch bow length
  • 30.5 inch bow length
  • 35 inch bow length
  • 42 inch bow length
  • 52 inch bow length

however, we ship cheek kite up to 35-inch bow length only.

A most popular size is with 26.5 inch bow length and that is the reason it is called 26.5 cheel Patang


Like any other Indian kite Patang this is also made from rice paper and Bamboo sticks.

Most makers are comfortable making single paper cheel type kite patang but some good makers use different cuts of paper to maker designer kites.

Nowadays block printing machines are also available which can print design on any kite paper.

kite Patang is packed in set of 5 each and sold in sets of 20 kites, also called kodi in Gujarati language.

Gujarat is the capital of kite fighting in INDIA. Where in every 14th January celebrated a kite festival called Makar Sankranti.

We pack kites in a special protective package in order to make its transit ready for long distance. Most of our customers are from Outside INDIA and outside Gujarat. If you are buying cheel patang or any other kite patang from us rest assured for safe delivery.

Delivery time for kite Patang you can select as per requirements during checkout free shipping in India takes 4-7 working days and express shipping takes 2-4 days.

Economy shipping outside India varies by destination but 10-25 days normally.

Express shipping outside INDIA cost more but takes 4-10 working days.

International customer can also visit to order kite Patang outside INDIA.


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Dimensions 60 × 65 × 6 cm