500 gram 100% Original victor cone : Strong Glaced cotton kite flying Manji Saddi
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500 gram 100% Original victor cone : Strong Glaced cotton kite flying Manji Saddi

 945 Price Including GST

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Best Quality of Kite flying Glaced Cotton Manji Saddi threadson Spool.

Low cost A kind Support to Kite Lovers with 100% Original Famous Kite Strings.

Victor Cotton Thread for Kite Flying –

It is specially designed for kite enthusiasts who demand excellence in performance and reliability.

The length of the thread is approx 4500 meters rolled on a spool of 3 Number saddi color coated thread is the perfect companion for your soaring escapades.

Key Features:

  1. Unmatched Length: With an impressive 4500 meters of thread, you’ll have the freedom to send your kite soaring across the sky without worrying about running out of line mid-flight. Let your kite dance among the clouds and take your kite-flying skills to the next level.
  2. Exceptional Strength: Crafted from premium cotton, the Victor Cotton Thread is expertly engineered to offer remarkable tensile strength. Whether you’re battling strong winds or engaging in friendly kite battles, our thread is up to the challenge, ensuring your kite remains secure and steady.
  3. Color Coated Brilliance: The 3 Number saddi color coated thread isn’t just durable; it’s also visually striking. The vibrant color coating adds a touch of flair to your kite-flying adventure, making your kite stand out against the backdrop of the sky. Let your kite be a reflection of your unique style and personality.
  4. Versatile Binding: Victor Cotton Thread is not only great for initial kite launch but also shines when used to bind after manja application. Its versatility ensures a seamless transition from the exhilarating moments of kite launching to the meticulous art of controlling and maneuvering your kite in the air.
  5. Reliability Redefined: When you choose Victor, you’re opting for a brand synonymous with quality and dependability. Trust in our thread’s durability and strength, allowing you to focus on the thrill of flying your kite without worrying about the integrity of your thread.



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