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Patang is called kite in english and there are different names for kite in different languages. In India , Pakistan , Nepal the words used are Patang , Tukkal , Gudda , Cheel etc for different types of kite.

Here we are putting a list of different way people over the world call kite.

  • Afrikaans (South Africa) call it  Vlieers
  • Belgian call it Plakwaaier
  • Chinese call itFung jung
  • Dutch call it Vlieger
  • English call it Kite
  • Estonian call it Lohe
  • Finnish call it Leija
  • French call it Cerf volant
  • German call it Drachen
  • Indonesia call it Layang-layang
  • Italian call it Aquilone
  • Japanese call it Tako
  • Korean call it Youn
  • Mexican call it Papalote
  • Norwegian & Danish call it Drage
  • Portuguese call it Pipas
  • Philippines call it Saranggola
  • Russian call it Letuchij zmeij
  • Serbo-Croat call it Zmaj
  • Spanish call it Cometas
  • Swedish call it Drake
  • Thai call it Wau

How Patang are made ?

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Kites are known by the size of its bow also called kaman in Hindi and Urdu.

length of bow 27.5 inch

length of the bow defines the kite size and type .

Like if bow length is 27.5 inches its called 27.5 kite  , like wise 34.5 kite , 42.5 kite .

42.5 kite is popularly called 1  Tawa kite

Patang Making in Ahmedabad

Patang are traditionally made using
kite paper also know as rice paper 
Bamboo sticks
and Glue.
There are all organic materials so these kites does not put environment at risk.

kite festivals are integral part of world culture . They are celebrated during differnt times around the world . However Asia has the strongest and most vibrant kite festivals.

Basant in Pakistan and some part of India

Uttarayan – Makarsankranti is a kite festival celebrated on 14th January each year all over India.

Day of the Dead festivities in Sumpango, Guatemala,

Various countries organise there uniq kite festivals during differnt seasons.

Kites are easiest and simplest tool to connet with nature as we use wind to fly these kites and be with family and friends when we fly kite we talk and spend more time in real world unlike any virtual games we play. Its one of the best stress busting excercise .

you will only understand when you fly kite yourself.


patang arranged in square design

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