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Discover the Best Kite Shop Near You: Your Ultimate Guide to Local Kite Shopping

Discover the Best Kite Shop Near You

The Joy of Kite Flying

Kite flying is not just a simple pastime; it’s an exhilarating experience that allows you to connect with nature, feel the wind on your face, and witness the beauty of colorful kites dancing in the sky. Whether you are flying a kite solo or joining a group of enthusiasts, the joy and excitement are contagious. The feeling of watching your kite soar effortlessly through the air is unmatched. Kite flying is a timeless activity that brings people of all ages together, creating lasting memories and a sense of childlike wonder. So, why not embrace the thrill of kite flying and discover the best kite shops near you?

kite flying in sky on day of kite festival . people in shadows can be seen doing kite fighting
kite flying in sky on day of kite festival . people in shadows can be seen doing kite fighting


Why best kite shop near you are hard to find?

In India traditionally kites are made of rice paper and bamboo sticks and are very fragile in nature, so kite shop owner needs to have certain skills and love for kites in order to take care of such fragile products. People are also not appreciating kite-making skills and the prices of kites are not rising with rising inflation hence kite selling is not that lucrative business nowadays. There are so many things to sell and make money why sell Patang-kites? and Manja? Charkhi?

Demand for kites and kite flying culture is also on the decline since the arrival of mobile games, the Internet, and social media. Like any other offline games kite flying games is alos vanishing and so are the kite shops near you. From vibrant kite festivals to stunning kite-Patang designs. Nowadays kite shops are not around us or near to our homes like they were a few decades ago and where can you find the perfect kite to match your requirement and budget? That’s where our guide comes in. We have scoured the local kite shops in your area to bring you a curated list of the top establishments. Get ready to explore a world of colorful kites, expert advice, and a community of kite lovers who share your passion. So, let’s dive in and discover the best kite shops near you, where your kite-flying dreams can take flight!

We request you support offline shops if you find one.

We at are here for a love of kites and kite flying. We try to support kite flyers in getting the best kites, Thread, and charkhi and that is our way of supporting kite flying culture and tradition. It’s a wonderful sport and one must fly kites to understand and feel the joy of Kite flying.

Where to learn kite flying techniques and see other kite flyers?

A few decades back one can just go to the terrace and to an elder friend’s place to learn and watch kite flying but now people are not doing much kite flying and its not possible to have access to good kite flyers but thanks to the internet we can watch some great kite flyers online and learn from them. Kite flyers often discuss different techniques and are informative and entertaining at the same time.

here are a few links for good youtubers who are also supporting kite flying culture like us.

  • Kite Flyers Somen Ghosh sir –
    • Kite Flyers Somen Ghosh sir is a great kite flyer and puts out youtube videos at very regular intervals. Here is the link for his youtube channel  – He also sometimes teaches different types of pech and kite flying techniques in his videos. He is the best person in INDIA to learn kite flying. Its a joy to watch him fly and his love for kite and kite flying is tremendous.
  • Kite Culture – –
    • Kite Culture is a channel on youtube dedicated to kite fighting and here is the link – . They have put amazing collection of shorts of people flying kites and are very entertaining to watch too. They are also putting great videos of kite fighting and can take you straight out at the terrace with their videos no matter where you are in the world. The commentary in the videos is also superb and very informative for kite enthusiasts.
  • Bong Adda
    • Bong Adda is one of the best and most cinematic youtube channels.  Their content is cinema quality and they make superb documentaries on kite makers. If you are really interested in kite culture you must watch this channel. Bong Adda is the fastest-growing Kite Flying Vlog from Kolkata 

Patang Aur Manje ki online dukan dedicated to kite flyers

You can get beautiful kites sitting at your home just visit our website kite section from given link and thats it.  You will be able to see different types of options for .

Based on the kites or patang size you can select from the list below.

  1. Small Kite
  2. Medium size kite – Addhi Patang – Pauni Patang
  3. Large size kite – Patang – Pauni Patang – Gol Pauni Patang – 3/4 sheet kite, Poniya Patang
  4. Big size kite – Tawa Patang – Tawa Kite – 1.5 Tawa kite – 1.5 Tawa Patang – Full sheet kite

Based on Various shapes and designs of kite – Patang as per the list below

  1. Cheel Patang
  2. Gol Patang
  3. Addhi Patang
  4. Rocket Patang
  5. Chapat Patang
  6. Diamond shape kite
  7. Eagle shape kite
  8. Babla Patang
  9. Fish Shap Kite
  10. Delta kite
  11. Tukkal Patang
  12. Guddi Patang – Gudda Patang
  13. Bana kite – Bana Patang
  14. Kite with tail – Punchdi Patang – Punch Patang – Fuddi Patang
  15. Stunt kite – Sports kite
  16. Quad Kite

Based on the Material used to make the kite – Patang

  1. Paper kite – Paper Patang
  2. Fabric Kite
  3. Ripstop Fabric kite
  4. Nylon Fabric kite

Offline kite shopping

  • Ahmedabad: you can go to old city kite market in Kalupur to visit kite shops and buy in person.The kite markets of Kalupur and Jamalpur in Ahmedabad offer a glimpse into the captivating world of kite flying.
  • Delhi : Delhi’s Lal Kuan Bazar in Chandni Chowk is a vibrant and bustling kite market. Located in the heart of Old Delhi, it offers a wide variety of colorful kites for enthusiasts.
  • Jaipur : Jaipur, the Pink City, is renowned for its vibrant culture and traditional festivities, and it boasts a famous kite market in the heart of the city. Located in areas like Puliya, Johri Bazar, Bani Park, and Ram Nagar, these markets offer a delightful array of colorful kites during festivals like Makar Sankranti.
  • Chennai :
  • Hyderabad Begum Bazaar
    In Begum Bazaar, there are many shops that sell kites. Motilal and Balaji kite shops are the two famous shops here since decades. Mangalhat, Dhoolpet
    Dhoolpet area is a popular to buy kites. Manufacturing of kites and thread manjas is also done in this area.
  • Banglore : You can find good kite syOld Market Rd, Shivaji Nagar in Bengaluru.
  • Muradabad :  You can find good kite shops at Gulal Gali near Bartan Bazaar in Moradabad
  • Mumbai : There are a few kite shops at Bhendi Bazar off Mohamdeali Road. 
  •  Amritsar :  Amritsar has a very good kite culture and you will be able to find kites shop in old city near GPO.

Ultimate Guide to Local Kite Shopping

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