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Design Your Own kite ?

Each kite lover or kite flyer we met or interact with always wish to make or design his/her own kite one day. We at also wish to make our own kites when we have time.  Here we have collected resources needed for kite making and kite designing . Please do read and review if you like it , If you feel we have missed something do let us know in interest of kite lovers and kite designers so that we can add more value to this Design your kite Page,

Here is the list of Materials you need to make your Designer kite !
  1. Bamboo or Fiber rods to make the frame/structure for kite
  2. Wind catcher material like kite paper , rip-stop nylon fabric or light weight cotton or nylon fabric.
  3. Paint to color your kite as per your kite design and imagination.
  4. Glue or thread to join the Kite material with kite frame.
  5. cotton or nylon thread to tie the bridle of kite and kite flying.
  6. Spool/Thread winder to roll the thread when you are flying your kite.
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