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Why shop manja online ? when you can easily get it offline


  • We at has more than 30 years of  ofline kite fighting experience
  • Manja we offer is far superior than manja available in maket.
  • We are here full time  365  days  online kite store we cater to whole world. Of course Utarayan and Gujarat season is best for us but its jst a small part of our business.
  • We mostly cater to pro kite flyers who take parts in kite fighting competetions and thats why our stuff is far better than what you can get from stores in market.

we ship kite , Patang , Dor to USA , Europe , Australia , Asia , China , Pakistan and rest of the world at very economical rates. Do email us on for more detailes and quotes.

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3000 war kite flying line for Uttarayan
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NRK brand best kite flying dor
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Free standard shiping on kites and charkhi all over INDIA.

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WE ship kites,Dor, firki,Charkhi,Manjha,Manja to India,USA , UK and Australia and rest of the world at very reasonable rates.

We offer best services for kite festival orders too. Custome made kites also available for large quantity.

You can call or whatsapp Gauravbhai from Shona kite on +91 8562000012 for manja,dor related information.

He manages dispatch from Jaipur as all our dor leaving few exceptions are being managed from Jaipur only. He is also the best person to guide you about manja to use during kite competetions and friendly kite fights duringUttarayan or any other kite festival.

If supreme court bans the manja sell in INDIA we will cancel all orders and money will be refunded to you.

We request all customer to use express shipping method If you are ordering for Uttarayan .