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9 cord 5000 meter wooden spool

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These are busy times we are living in . World is getting more connected more and we are gettingmore stress . There are certain activities and things we do which makes us feel relaxed and stress free.

kite flying is one such activity. But kite flying is not a very popular sport all over the world and getting kites and dor,Thread,Manja is very stressful in certain part of the world.

Thats why we are here with kite store buy kites online to make this kite shopping and shipping activity stress free. We try to offer good quality products with reasonable shipping prices. If you feel confused about anything pelase write us at and we will try to help you.

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we do offer services and bulk packages for kite festivals in USA , UK , Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan,France and rest of the world .

Special dor/Manja/Manjha available for kite fighting competetions  on request basis please email us at

 kite store to buy kites online

If you need kites for kite festivals we can offer customised quote for your requirments

 please email us a or simply call us at 9824302166 you can tweet us too and get connected with us on facebook too