Shop kites Patang Basant in UAEShop kites Patang Basant in UAE

buy kites in germanyShop kites Patang Basant in UAE

  • If you are looking for Kites , Dor , Patang , thread or manja can help you with your search. You can order kites and dor for Basant festival from us. We ship directly to your home or office.

  • we pack kites and Dor with proper protection in transport worthy boxes so that it does not get damaged.

  • We have kites , Patang in various sizes with smallest kite 16*19 inch to biggest kite 36*42 inches .

  • For kite flying thread we have options like 6 cord  , 9 cord and 12 cord 
  • Thread available in various length like 1 Reel , 2 reel , 3 reel , 6 reel
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shipping time is 20 days for International shipping.

If you need it fast please write to us at [email protected]

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