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Manja , Manjha , Kite Manja, Dori

Manja making process photo along with finished productManja, also known as kite string, is a specialized type of string that is used for flying kites. It plays a crucial role in the exhilarating and age-old tradition of kite flying, adding excitement, skill, and competition to the activity. Manja is typically made from a combination of materials such as cotton, nylon, or synthetic fibers, and is coated with a fine abrasive material like powdered glass or adhesive for added cutting ability.

Manja serves two primary purposes in kite flying.

  • Firstly, it provides the necessary connection between the kite and the person flying it, allowing the kite to be controlled and maneuvered in the sky. The person holding the string can adjust the tension and angle of the line to navigate the kite through the air, perform aerial tricks, and engage in kite battles with other participants.
  • Secondly, and perhaps more notably, manja is employed for kite fighting, a popular sport in certain regions where kite enthusiasts compete to cut the strings of rival kites.
  • The abrasive coating on the string enhances its cutting capabilities, allowing skilled kite flyers to strategically and precisely sever the strings of opposing kites.
  • This exciting activity demands dexterity, quick reflexes, and tactical prowess to emerge victorious in the kite battles.

It is important to note that while the sport of kite fighting can be thrilling, it also poses certain safety risks. The sharpness of manja can cause injuries to participants and passersby if not handled with care

here are some FAQ 

  • What is the most powerful Manja name? Which Manja is best for kite fighting?

This is a very difficult question to answer but unlike any other sport kite fighting or say patangbazi depends a lot on your Manja,  kite flying skills, your judgment about pech, wind speed and wind direction, size of your kite-Patang and last but not least the position of your opponent.

Manja made with good quality cotton thread is Ok, Normally all makers use the same Manja-making technique some ingredients are changed and there is no evidence that superior Manja is the only reason for winning during kite games.  We suggest kite flyers to buy Manja as per their budget and practice kite flying skills and try Manja from different makers and strengths and decide for themselves which Manja works best as per their kite flying technique.

A list of a few good Manja and links are as below.

  1. 12 cord Manja 
  2. 9 cord Manja     – 9 cord by shona kite 
  3.  6 Cord Manja   –  Shona kite 
  • Which Manja is Banned?

Chinese Manja – Manja made using plastic thread – Nylon thread and coated with metal abrasives are banned by govt. we require you to buy and use only cotton Manja.

  • How Much is 1 reel?

1 reel is usually referred to as manja made using  900 meters or 1000 meters of raw kite flying thread. Kite flying thread from manufacturers are produced in 900-meter and 1000-meter lengths. some thread gets wasted during Manja making process and hence 1 reel normally contains 850 to 950 meters of Manja.

1 reel = 850 to 950 meters of kite thread.