One Tawa ,BIG SIZE KITES , Large Patang , Gudda
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One Tawa ,BIG SIZE KITES , Large Patang , Gudda


Big size kites

Large kites , large Gudda

One Tawa size  ( 29*36 inch)

pack of 20 kites

Big size kites,Badi Patang Gudda , ONE TAWA

  • Pack of 20 kites

The bow length of One Tawa Patang is 42.5 inches.

Height and Width depend on the style of the kite Maker

Bend at the end of the Bows by kite maker defines the shape of the kites.

Round more curvey bends require more effort and skills from the kite maker compared to lesser bends.

  • we suggest you use a 9-cord or 12-cord thread when flying this kite

This kite is the big one and will have a greater pull on your thread so you need a strong thread to fly this kite.

our kite stock keeps changing all the time and we can not assure you the same kite in your order but you might get a kite with a different design or no design so when you order keep it in mind.

If you need kites larger than 1 Tawa please order 1.5 Tawa kite or fabric kites.

If you wish to order a specific design please email us at or WhatsApp us at our chat support.

Larger size kites are difficult to pack and ship but at we take extra care for shipping large kites and have experience of more than 20 years of shipping kites across the globe from INDIA,( Ahmedabad & Jaipur is our dispatch center)

Additional information

Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 77.5 × 10 cm