WR : 6 Reel USTAD Jilani Mian Manjha : Wholesale Rate : Limited Edition Bareilly Special Extreme Sharp Manjha


Bareilly Ustad Jilani MIAN Manjha Maker 6 Reel

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Only 1 left in stock

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Direct from Manufacturing Unit to Your Door Step
100% Original JILANI MIAN Ustad Manjha from Bareilly
Contains : 6 Reels = 6000 yards = 5400 Meter Manjha
Buy the best only extreme sharp manjha 100% Genuine High Quality

Open Challenge from Our End : You Deserve the Best & We can make it BEST Always.

Note : We sell Limited edition Quality of Stock Before It ends grab it Fast.

Guidelines : Buy manjha  2-6 months before you want to use for Best ever Results

Risk : At the time of festival from July to January we are Short with Stock ” Out of Stock ” Situations.
Humble request to buy between February to June so that Our support to Kite Lowers Always Worthfull