Tukkal Patang for Patangbazi


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set of 10 Tukkal,Patang

Made by Ustad kite makers from Punjab. Best kite for patangbazi , kite fighting competetions.

you will cherish flying this kite for a long long time.

We pack kite in well protected box so it does not get damaged during transit.

Tukkal Patang now you can order online !!

Tukkal Patang for Patangbazi is most popular among Pakistan and Indian Kite flyers (Patangbaz)

Get 10 Beautiful Tukkal Patang.

Patnag is made by skilled kite makers Ustad from Amritsar.

kite paper and handcrafted bamboo is used to make this Beautiful kite.

Medium size patang

size of kite is 30″ W x 27″ T.

Fighter Kite made from Tissue Paper.

Great for flying.

very good in response does fly superbly in low as well as medium wind conditions.

You can use kite thread 9 cord or 12 cord to fly this kite , Patang.

About colors and Design

The kite you receive might be of different colors and designs as we keep making new designs and inventory keeps changing but rest assured that the Tukkal Patang kite you will get will be of good Quality.

  • It will not be the case that you will get same kite as shown in pictures
  • It will be same in dimension 30inch by 28 inch but
  • Desing will always going to be different and beautiful.

About Tukal Patang

  • Tukkals are most favourite kite among kite flyers of Pakistan and Amritsar .
  • Only Ustad (experienced kite maker) can make a well balanced  Tukkal Patang.
  • As bamboo needs to be cut and band very perfectly , kite paper needs to be cut with extreme precision makes tukkal , Patang a very complicated fighter kite to make.
  • But all these craftmanship makes a great fighter kite loved by all kite flyers.
  • you can also fly Tukkal,Patang for recreational use.
  • click this link to know more about it click here

what happens after you order paper kites  ?

  • we check kites for defects and make sure that you get best kites.
  • we pack kites with proper protection so they do not get damaged during shipping.
  • we make sure they are not affected by moisture and ruff handling.
  • we lable box with your address in big fonts sizes along with your phone number.
  • After dispatch on 2nd day we get final tracking code as shipment leaves from our town and loaded in flight on 2nd day.
  • after that you will receive a mail from us with shipping details so you can track it.
  • estimated shipping time varies with different destinations.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 75 × 72 × 6 cm