Basant kite , 0.75 Tawa


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Basant kite

set of 40 kites .

This paper kite has  moon and star printed on it

very easy to fly kite and take pech.

one of the best kite to take pech by pulling technique.


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Basant kite for festivals

set of 40 paper kites

with moon and star printed.

This paper kite dimensions are as below.

This is 3/4 Tawa size kite.


little less than full tawa kite (26 inch by 31.5 inch)


this kite is light on hands and moves quickly to the command signals from your fingers.

Very good kite for those who are starting kite flying or flying kite after a long time.

kite flyers who take pech by pulling string this kite can give very best experience.

only limited kites are available with us at this time so order quickly.

what happens after you order paper kites  ?

  • we check kites for defects and make sure that you get best kites.
  • we pack kites with proper protection so they do not get damaged during shipping.
  • we make sure they are not affected by moisture and ruff handling.
  • we lable box with your address in big fonts sizes along with your phone number.
  • After dispatch on 2nd day we get final tracking code as shipment leaves from our town and loaded in flight on 2nd day.
  • after that you will receive a mail from us with shipping details so you can track it.
  • estimated shipping time varies with different destinations.

how to bridle the paper kite ?

please check the video below to learn how to bridle the kite.

It is very easy to do thing after some practice. Just make sure you make the holes at correct place.

kanni kese bandhe ?

which Manja / manjha / Thread to use with this kite ? paper kite ?

This kite is not very big so you can go with any thread above 6 cords / 6 ply.

do remember that strength of thread matter only to carry the weight and pull of the kite only.

the thread needs to be sharp to cut the kite of a rival. so you can cut 12 cord thread with 6 cord thread too . Some experts in India and Pakistan use very barik-fine thread like 4 cord thread and still rule the sky.


you can select manja from here click here

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