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Showing 1–12 of 46 results

Mono kite Manja also called Chines manja or wire thread in different parts of the world. This Mono kite Manja is very harmful to kite flyers and hazardous in nature so Govt has Banned use of such Manja .

We request all kite flyers and patangbaz to adhere to true spirit of the game and let your skills do the talking.

In India lot of people are illegally selling such Mono kite Manja so many YouTubers are openly making videos promoting such products which is not good for society.

Mono kite Manja also known as chemical dor in pakistan and govt also put ban on kite flying due to overuse of such kite flying thread which cause hazard to general public and environment.

It is our humber request to all kite flyers to use cotton kite flying thread only and stop use of Mono kite Manja around your locality.