all things related to kite flying other then kites and Manja are listed here
empty spool , kite paper , spool stand , spool roller machines , spool holders , finger protection tapes , caps etc

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Eagle Kite -1.75m wide

Kite, Patang, fighter kite,

Big size  Eagle kite

size : 175 CM by 80 CM

WR : 9 cord 1000 meter Panda 5 tournament quality Manjha for Winners

white thread , Reel

Exclusive Stuff : Label may vary as per the availability


100 pieces of Decorative kites for KITE THEME, Home-Shop decoration in Low costing

400.00 299.00

100 Decorative Plastic kites for KITE THEME Festival, home decor, shop, events etc.

Colors vary randomly

WR : 12 Reel Special Empty Charkhi : Strong Handles with High Quality Fiber Wheels


Empty Charkhi Firki to Fill with 12000 yards threads

Tukkal- Indian sky Lantern (pack of 3)

Decorate sky with this Tukkal-Indian sky Lantern
you need to put burning candle inside and tie it with the string of flying kites.
Alternatively you can use it to decor your home with filament bulb inside it .