Patang , kite in United states !Patang , kite in United states !

You must be wondering where can you buy kites in Germany ?

  • we at  are helping kite lovers across the world. we are kite makers and to be precise we are traditional paper kite makers based at INDIA. The kites we make are also know as fighter kites.
  • Kite flying is a recreational activity celebrated all over the world since ages. We in INDIA are having strong kite flying culutre and kids learn kite flying at very young age, Although in this current world with electronic games and Handheld gadgets kite flying culure is declining even in INDIA. Nomore are the days of kids learning kite flying and doing kite fights among the friends. We decided to support kite flyers in INDIA and rest of the world as a recreational outdoor sport.
  • kite flying is a sport and hobby through which family can bond over and have a good time.
  • We wish that every family at least ones fly kites.
  • Parents can have a great time with kids and cherish those great moments kite flying brings to us.

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