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Do not Order if you are in a HURRY !!!!!

Deliveries In south INDIA states affected as our shipping partner Delhivery courier facing manpower issue. So we request all our customers to keep patience all orders will be delivered one’s situation gets normal.

Legal Disclaimer:
We are not selling any prohibited products on our website

if any of the’s products are banned/ prohibited in your country/state/city/town/village then order on your own responsibility. Seller will not be responsible for any sale of products as these products are not banned at the state of the seller. Check and confirm your local laws before buying/flying kite and Kite thread.

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Wish you a very Happy Kite flying

we are the largest manja store in World shipping all over the World in 5--15 working days.

For fast queries mail us at [email protected] or whatsapp us at +91 9824 30 2166

6 Reel Maidani Manja

6 reel maidani Manja is best for Uttarayan , makar sankrant kite flying and kite fighting matches too.

total length of thread = 6 Reels of 900 meter each = 5400 meters

Online kite store  ! why ?

Why shop your manja online ? when you can easily get it offline

why Online Kite Store ? kite shop ? Fighter kite shop ? patang store ? patang shop ?paper kite store ?


  • We at have more than 30 years of  ofline kite fighting experience
  • Manja we offer is far superior to manja available in maket.
  • We are here full time  365  days  online kite store we caters to whole world.
  • We often caters to pro kite flyers who take parts in kite fighting competetions and thats why our product quality is far better than what is available in market.

we ship kite , Patang , Dor to USA , Uk, France , Germany , Australia , China , UAE, Pakistan and rest of the world at very economical rates. Do email us on [email protected] for more detailes and quotes.

Kites will be shipped safely !

Kites will be shipped in well packed manner and not kite will be damaged. Still if you face any issue with kites package please email us at [email protected] or [email protected] it will be resolved asap.

If supreme court bans the manja sell in INDIA we will cancel all orders and money will be refunded to you.


  1. MartinRof June 22, 2020

    It is very nice to read your site, thank you very much for your work, it’s great!

    • meera June 27, 2020

      thank you very much sir

      • mani4669 June 28, 2020

        Good too see your website back in track, By the way I’ve ordered again, Thank you
        Please provide proper support number as well as invoice of my order. My order number is 2443

        Keep the momentum going 👍🏻

      • ashkutties14 June 30, 2020

        Madam , pls update on order number 31709 & 31710

      • abulove46 July 2, 2020

        My order id 2611sir kindly update tracking shipping are update in gmail but i msgj to u r whats app number still Not response come on u side kindly help me

        • meera July 2, 2020

          Due to lockdown issue some area courier services affected and we are working on shipping option to make the deliveries. I request you to keep patience.

    • vallijai123 June 30, 2020

      my order no is#2640 when will recived that my order

      • vallijai123 July 1, 2020


  2. Ashmit June 23, 2020

    Site kabse properly work karna suru hogi .

    • meera June 27, 2020

      Strated working fine sir

  3. abhijit287bera07 June 24, 2020

    I am from west bengal , Kolkata. Your site not show payment option of my state. Its shown ” Sorry, it seems that there are no available payment methods for your state. Please contact us if you require assistance or wish to make alternate ” ple help

    • meera June 27, 2020

      Try again sir
      when you tried to place order site was under maintanance and now its back working fine.
      order booking and payment also working.
      sorry for inconvenience you faced earlier.

      • muthuthilaga143 July 1, 2020

        Hi mam my order no is 2645 ordered on June 29 my order still in processing state wen I will receive my order?? Please do as soon as possible

  4. Sandeep June 26, 2020

    Orders r taken??

    • meera June 27, 2020

      yes orders are taken , dispatch getting done too.
      delivery time 4 to 10 working days..(don’t count Sundays nd holidays)

      • Dinesh kumar S June 29, 2020

        Could please share my courier details

  5. Sudipta Podder June 27, 2020

    I want to buy Adnan Ali manja.

    • meera June 27, 2020

      will be available in 4 to 5 days

  6. sandeep.takkar June 28, 2020

    Thank you. Your order has been received.


    DATE:June 26, 2020


    PAYMENT METHOD:Credit Card/Debit Card/NetBanking

    Order details

    ProductTotal9 cord 5 reel Maidani Manja by Guddubhai × 1₹1,100.00Subtotal:₹1,100.00Shipping:Free shippingTax:₹55.00Payment method:Credit Card/Debit Card/NetBankingTotal:₹1,155.00

    A 321 , Sumel 6 , Dudheshwar , Ahmedabad Gujarat ,INDIA 380004

    [email protected]

    I am your continuous customer.. Gaurav use to send me..But now he said Mehul will be sending..
    When my order will be received. I live in surat..

  7. sandeep.takkar June 28, 2020

    Thank you. Your order has been received.


    DATE:June 26, 2020


    PAYMENT METHOD:Credit Card/Debit Card/NetBanking

    Order details

    ProductTotal9 cord 5 reel Maidani Manja by Guddubhai × 1₹1,100.00Subtotal:₹1,100.00Shipping:Free shippingTax:₹55.00Payment method:Credit Card/Debit Card/NetBankingTotal:₹1,155.00

    A 321 , Sumel 6 , Dudheshwar , Ahmedabad Gujarat ,INDIA 380004

    [email protected]

    I am your continuous customer.. Gaurav use to send me..But now he said Mehul will be sending..
    I live in surat..

    • meera July 4, 2020

      shipping time is 4-12 working days
      tracking details already updated to you.

      check your email.

  8. rostadika777 June 28, 2020

    Will the shipping of kite and thread available in Chennai

  9. leonardojana007 June 28, 2020

    Hello Sir .
    This is Leonardo from kolkata .This is for first time ,I am visiting this online shop .With lots of expection ,need YKC 11926 -6 reel and Adnan Ali, special lacchi manja – 6 reel ,if possible

  10. souravmondal192 June 28, 2020

    I wish to order victor 4 number & 6 number sadda. When these products are going to be available?

  11. June 28, 2020

    Hi, my order number 2304. Placed on June 26th. May i know the status of it? How long it will take to come out of backorder

  12. Abhisek June 28, 2020

    When will YKC 3 reel be available in stock ? Also do mention are you shipping products to Kolkata at this moment or not.

  13. Dinesh kumar S June 29, 2020

    When will dispatch my order
    Order number 2369
    Still no response from your side

    • Dinesh kumar S June 29, 2020

      I tried to contact via mail , WhatsApp& call
      But no one response
      Please revert

  14. VIJAY June 29, 2020

    This my mail id
    Check my order details

  15. sjagadesh2014 June 29, 2020

    Dear SIR,
    Y u r delaying to transfer money of urs.
    There is no proper response in mail and mobile and contact website also.
    IF u want to develop in ur field, u must respond always.
    What happen to my order MORE Than a month gone.
    kindly refund my
    my order id – 30977
    my contact number – 7397267532

  16. VIJAY June 29, 2020

    This my order mail id
    Check my order details

    • S. Kumar R. Thirumalai June 29, 2020

      Sir Order number 2453.june ,27.6.2020

  17. stunnermen007 June 29, 2020

    Check details
    Jun 28 ,2020 ; 3:41 pm
    amount 1573.95 paid on razorpay
    Pls Check the order details

  18. Dinesh kumar S June 29, 2020

    Very worst service we can’t expect from your side

  19. ibbu100 June 29, 2020

    Someone should respond from Patangdori team to gain trust of customers as we are trusting you and paying online by hoping that we will get order delivered without any problem. Please respond back and leave us your hope.

  20. June 29, 2020

    I messaged them and got the following reply “As ahmedabad lockdown opens we just started dispatch after 70 days from 2nd of June.
    And all pending orders since month of March will be dispatched asap.
    You will get tracking details via email.
    If any issue please email at [email protected]“.

    Hope they will complete all the orders

  21. S. Kumar R. Thirumalai June 29, 2020

    2453 order number Replay sir

  22. S. Kumar R. Thirumalai June 29, 2020

    Sir .Thiru Thirumalai order number 2453
    Date:27.6.2020 Rs1155 ,5Reel 9.cord
    Maidani manja by Guddubhai why states sir. (Reply sir)

  23. Pavan Pavan June 30, 2020

    Order no 2277 i dint resive my order

  24. Pavan Pavan June 30, 2020

    I have paid 400Rs I dint resived my order no 2277

  25. gopimech.engg June 30, 2020

    I’m Gopi
    Order no. 31340
    Ordered on 3rd June 2020 almost a month before. Product still not received
    VIP 12 reel bareily manja
    Price- 2623.95 rs paid

    Worst no response after payment. Login details became to show incorrect details.

    Completely frustrated. If not able to send product pls refund My most valuable payment Money

    Awaited for your response

    • July 1, 2020

      Gopi did you get your order?

      • gopimech.engg July 2, 2020

        Today morning I received product after one month

        • meera July 2, 2020

          Yes sir delivery are delayed due to lockdown.

  26. Pavan Pavan June 30, 2020

    25/06/2020 I ordered kite order no 2277 reply sir

  27. Nimesh k June 30, 2020

    Hi, I have made an order for 3 pcs of 9 cord manja thread on 26 June but still there is no update from your side ,and your contact number is also switched off from past three day .can I get a proper update and I need my status soon .
    Pls reply asap
    Order no 2494

  28. Nimesh k June 30, 2020

    If not able to process the order on time or respond us for the order .its better you refund the money back immediately ..

    • ashish.k8901 June 30, 2020

      @Nimesh and Other Customers, please be aware of placing the orders at Patangdori as they started doing Scam and looted our hard earned money.
      They are also not refunding my money as well.
      Also they have started deleted the Customer’s Order details from their database.
      Please report FIR against Patangdori.
      I have also process the same against them.

  29. ashish.k8901 June 30, 2020


    For Order #32553, I have Cancelled this order.

    And my money got deducted, so please process the refund ASAP.

    For the cancelled Order, I haven’t received credit/refund for the same.

    Transaction Amount: Rs.1,312.23

    Transaction Details:
    Date: Friday, 12 June, 2020 12:31:04 AM IST
    Seller: PatangDori
    Amazon Pay Transaction ID: P04-3092769-9808092
    PatangDori ID: F1QMdHNvgKcEEW
    RaZorpay payment ID: pay_F1QMdHNvgKcEEW
    Status: Successful

    PatangDori Order Number: #32553

    Note: When Customers placed successfull Order with successfull Payment then after a few days the seller used to delete the Customer Data on their backend completely.
    Which shows the seller is doing SCAM.
    Seller showed false information on their Website with incorrect status of Placed Orders
    Even though I have dropped the Mail to PatangDori Mail ID, he on the other hand not replying and not processing the Refund to me.

    So please help refund this transaction amount and try to blacklist this Seller so that he will not be able to do futher SCAM.

    Payment ID: pay_F1QMdHNvgKcEEW

    • meera July 4, 2020

      i am very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you due to a delay in the delivery of your item. but due to lockdown our supply chain is severely impacted.
      we cleared orders from March, April, and May till June 25th.
      all orders are in queue to get dispatched we are constantly working on dispatching orders

      on our website, we faced cyber-attack, and to prevent any losses of data of our customers we deleted the website completely but we have the backup of all the orders placed and we have also started dispatching orders again.
      for your order refund, instructions are given to payment gateway and soon they will proceed and will transfer money to your account.

      and we if were doing a scam we would not let your post-stay live here on our website for all of the world to see it and read it.
      we can delete your post just like any other data but we are not deleting it as we understand you being a customer has right to say what you feel and thats ok.
      we have refunded all your money so please check your email and verify.

      again sorry for the inconvenience

  30. narayan.varadharajan June 30, 2020

    Hi I’m from Chennai. First of all I thank all Patangdori people. I have ordered kites and made the payment. Within a week time it’s got delivered even at the lockdown period
    . Now I want to place few more order. But I’m seeing lot of negative comments and feedbacks. I don’t know why it’s happening like this. I think after the site maintenance it’s been like this. I request patangdori people to take care of customers. Now please let me know if I place the order can it will be delivered or shall I wait for some more time. Please reply.

    • July 1, 2020

      when did you make your first order. We are having problems with order from June i hope.

  31. leninjoseph1 June 30, 2020

    Hi I’m from Chennai, please advise the status of my order #475 #2289 #2581

    Enquiry for 500 Numbers 3/4 tawa bana kites in various design.

    And I required various design for my Order #475 #2289 and #2581.

    Advise which manjha will beat mono kite so confirm the same will buy the it.

    Note: Try to call you through WhatsApp and phone but unable to connect you. Please respond to my WhatsApp.

    • leninjoseph1 July 1, 2020

      Thks my orders dispatched…

      And I required 3/4 Bana kites required.

      Qty :500

      Mail Id
      [email protected]

  32. Anand R July 1, 2020

    I ordered Big size Bana kites (pack of 100 kites) × 1 on June 27, 2020. Payment method done by Debit Card. My Order ID #2484. When will i expect the order ?

  33. srini0014 July 1, 2020

    I got my first order….packing and thread was good…after site maintenance I ordered second time my order number is 2552…pls update my dispatch details. Thank you

    • July 1, 2020

      When did you place your first order, we are having problem with june orders

  34. Thameemul Ansari Sheik July 1, 2020

    Order no #2714 what is the status of this product.

  35. Kamal R July 1, 2020


    I placed an Order# 2553 on June 28th and it still in processing state. Please let me know when my items would be shipped and the tracking number. Thank you

    • meera July 2, 2020

      You will get it before 20th july

  36. vasanth656 July 2, 2020

    I have made full payment .But no received any reference number/invoice number nothing. is this site fake or real?.I have sent mails but no response for that.horrible condition for our hard earned money..

    • santhosh200199 July 2, 2020

      Don’t get panic…. Ull get ur order.
      Its only because of lockdown ….
      Keep. Patience.!

    • meera July 2, 2020

      Site is real , delivery affected due to lockdown
      Keep some patience

  37. Thameemul Ansari Sheik July 2, 2020

    Hi Team, Please share the contact details for ordered product status inquire. Whom do i contact for further stages. Because June 30th ordered product still showing in processing stage.I received only one mail that is order received mail from your end.

    • meera July 2, 2020

      Due to extended lockdown courier services are affected. Keep some patience you will get what you order.

  38. greatmanshaik July 2, 2020

    Dear Patangdori Team,
    I have ordered on 10th May 2020, Order No. 30039 – I have waited till toady (i.e 2nd July 2020), Still i haven’t received my product. I also can’t find my order in my account details. I tried to contact but there is no reply via calls, whatsapp and mail. I have waited patiently for the past 50 days. Kindly let me know the status of my order.

    Loyal Buyer😊

    • meera July 2, 2020

      Refund processed sir. Explained issue on whatsapp.
      Thank you for your support.

      • Praveen Kothari July 2, 2020

        Is there any issue in ordering, what is the time you are taking in dispatching currently available products from July 2020 on wards after placing of orders as we expect it as per schedule given by you ( 4 to 10 days at present ). Also, when will all categories of Threads ( Manjha ) be available without any out of stock situation. We are unable to place order without any hassle as it is showing out of stock all the time

        • meera July 2, 2020

          Yes sir after 15th July all the stock will be available.
          Shipping time is affected in some parts due to new lockdown measure.

    • meera July 2, 2020

      Refund processed sir

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