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Mono kite Fighter beater Manja

Mono kite Fighter Manja has Many names

Chinese Manja 

Chemical Dor 

Wire thread

we should not use Mono kite fighter Manja as it is hazardous for general public and environment as it is made from plastic. 

We in INDIA where 2 Wheelers use is more common we should use Manja with thread which gets broken easily with slight pulling when it gets tangled unwantedly, so that no 2 wheeler rider gets Harmed. Thats why we suggest use of cotton threads of 6 cord or called 123 dor. you can order good one from

Mono kite fighter Manja is spoiling the kite fighting sports by taking skills out of the Game. 

For any game when you take the skills and sportsmanship spirit away you are killing the game and its no fun after that.

Many governments have already Banned use of such Manja to save people from harms way but True kite flyers should never use such Manja.

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