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At www.PatangDori.com First we are the kite lovers & then fighter kite makers. We are the only kiteshop supplying kites online along with kite string ,kite line, kite flying accessories like spool , spool stands and fighter kites( Indian fighter kite ).

we are here to help kite flying communities in their hobby & passion of flying kites.

our kite store is famous for Indian fighter kites among kite lovers across the world.

we do make kites for kids in our special section of kids kite as kids loves kite flying and kite making.

we are based at Ahmedabad the world capital of fighter kites where during Uttaryan(the local kite festival) city of billion people fly kites and enjoy the traditional style of kite fighting sport.

let me tell you history of how & why we started this kiteshop and kite flying string store ? www.PatangDori.com

first of all you tell me how the name sounds to you ?www.PatangDori.com

does the child in you feel good about it ?

we are very passionate about Uttarayan and kites like every indian.

We all love kites & kite fighting but sometimes due to busy life i could not get time to prepare my dori & i used to buy it from local shops which were not always up to the mark so i got in touch with specialist manja makers from UP and Gujarat and used to get my as well as my friends dori from them so it started as a passion now converted into a my online shop to provide you and every kite lover quality products directly to their home so they do not have to go in traffic and stand long time in ques and sunlight to get their dori prepared.

we offer quality products as per description and we make sure you just have to go to terrace or in open ground and just have good time with kite flying & kite fighting of course……

weather you buy kites online from us or not feel free to talk to us.

we love kites ….& we are always available for you,  feel free to call, meet, text or email. we will love to be with you.
please go to contact us page for our contact details.

Thank you
from team  www.PatangDori.com

People From Pakistan Want His Kites for ‘Basant’

Dave, a graduate from Nirma University, started his online shop called ‘patangdori.com’ in 2009 after a dismal Uttarayan the previous year; he didn’t find time to make his own manja or thread during the festival and a readymade, low quality manja spoiled his kite flying experience.

“The next year, I contacted makers of kites, manja and threads from Surat and Bareli and started the store, out of pure passion for the sport,” he says.

His largest orders come from Pakistan and that too, throughout the year.

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    Day by day getting good improvements,
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