12 cord,4000 meter tournament Quality Panda5 Manja in Very Good Spool

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12 cord,4000 meter tournament Quality Panda5 Manja in Very Good Spool

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12 cord 4000 meter long Tournament quality Manja.  Manja is made by Experienced Manja makers from bareilly UP.
You can beat chinese ,chemical dor with this Manja.

Choice of Winners Easy to Fly BIG BANA kites also

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Tournament Quality Manja is made from 9 tar Panda5 thread .

  • This is Very fine and sharp Manja.
  • you will be able to cut chinese manja or chemical dor or monokite thread also
  • This spool comes with 4000 meters of manja
  • Also called 4 reel Manja as 4 reels of 1000 meters each rolled on one spool.
  • This Tournament Quality Manja is made using special process and special ingradiants by very experienced manja makers which makes it special compare to normal manja you can buy from kite stores across India and Pakistan.

Techniques to be used

  • You can use the pulling method very effectively with this Manja.
  • But it will also be as effective with leaving the string if the wind is good and your kite is still pulling string at good speed.
  • ખેંચ થી પેચ લેવા માટે બેસ્ટ દોરી 
  • In many parts of India you will have to use this Manja to take part in kite fighting tournaments else you will be disqualified.

Tournament Quality Manja

  • Color of Manja and spool can be vary as per availability but rest assured for best quality Manja.
  • To know more about kite fighting and different competitions click here
  • You can fly all size of kites with this Manja but still we don’t suggest you to fly large kites like kites above 3-5 feet in size with this thread. As this is just 12 cord thread and hence its not suitable to carry such large kites and might get broken on its own. But for smaller than  3-5 feet kite this one is very suitable.
  • If you need this Manja 12000 meters long on single spool please email us at kk.gc@outlook.com


Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 45 × 12 × 12 cm


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