9 cord ,3 reel , Manja (kite cutting line)

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3 reels 9 Cord Panda 5 Continuous sharp manjha for Kite fighting Winners

panda 5 cotton thread is used to make this manja.

Strong Charkhi for extra strength.

Best manja for kite flying with friends and family& Tournament.



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kite cutting line is made using a cotton thread coated with abrasives to so that it can cut other thread when it comes in contact.

  • 9 cord, 3 reel manjha.
  • Glazed cotton thread is coated with sharp manja and then rolled on spool as shown in picture.
  • One can fly all size of kite with this Manja as it has got enough strength to take weight and pull of the wind in all wind conditions.
  • The thread is not to fine not to thick so any kite cutting technique can be effectively used with this Manja.
  • Total weight of spool with manja is less than 1.0 kg so handling wise it is very easy spool. Your hands will not get tired holding it or rolling it.
  • you can carry it in a small bag too as it does not occupy huge space like those big spools do.

    we ship this Manja in a very well packed box so that it will reach you safely.

    Shipping time

    • For INDIA is 3-4 days maximum.

    • For rest of the world shipping time is 4-10 days.

kite cutting line

  • This panda 5 cotton thread is used to make manja
  • Steel charkhi for extra strength
  • 9 તાર or 9 cord , 9 tar , 9 ply
  • 3 હજાર વાર બરેલી દોરી
  • This kite cutting line is prepared by manja makers from bareli UP .  Bareli town is very famous since centuries for the quality Manja makers. This Manja is made using PANDA 5  Thread which is most prefered kite flying thread in INDIA.
  • Panda 5 is from vardhman threads which are very good in accepting the Manja coating.


Weight 499 g
Dimensions 25 x 8 x 8 cm


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