3000 yards : 3 Reel : 3000 var length :Excellent Performance : SHONA KITES World’s No. 1 Special panda Manjha 3 reel Quality of Big Wooden Spool with Extreme Sharpness : Low cost A kind Support to Kite Lovers with 100% Original Famous Kite Strings

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3 Reel Strong Bareilly Special Manjha : Unbeatable stuff.


88 in stock (also available on backorder)

  1. Shona Kites is well known as complete solution for Kite lovers who are regularly facing problem in getting best manja from their local market, now keep comfort at your home or terrace & become winners of your area with skills & talent inside you.Save money by using glaced cotton white thread behind manja , because it provide comfort gripping & more pulling power while kite fighting & winning.By using Shona Kites stuff you will always saving money as our quality is beyond imagination & with more kite winning you will always save money by flying less kite rather than what you are using & losing EARLIER.Low cost A kind Support to Kite Lovers with 100% Original Famous Kite StringsEnjoy the Bareilly Manjha direct to your home : Quality Better than Market Worst Manjha.
  2. Simply we Deliver trust in Terms of Best , Special Manjha from well Known Makers.
  3. Now going to market and Get duplicate stuff is not a good trend, Buy online We ensure the best to YOU 100%.
  4. Just with Skills you will become Winner in Your Area & Feel Proud to buy Form Patangdori.com
  5. From a single Word “Genuine”, We Motivate to Deliver FAITH in our Services to Delight you LIFETIME.Wholesale Cost online store to Enjoy the Best from our HARDWORK.Note : Color of Thread & spool may vary as per availability but we ensure Quality always A-1


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