Buy kites in France ! combattant cerf-volant !
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Buy kites in France !

Combattant cerf-volant !

We are here to help kite flyers in France and rest of the world. We ship Fighter kites (combattant cerf-volant) from INDIA and Pakistan to France at very reasonable price.

Both India and Pakistan has distinct kite flying culture and everyone who has grown up here learns kite flying at very young age.

We have kites in various sizes

16*19 inch

17*23 inch (Cheel patang)

21*27 inch

26*31 inch  (one Tawa size kite)

29*35 inch

We have threads in Various

900 meter

2000 meter

3000 meter

6000 meter

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Shipping time to France is 9 to 20 days.

Shipping may take longer time due to circumstance not in our control. we will share you shipping details 2nd or 3rd Day after you make payment.

If you need fast delivery please get in touch with us on


Buy kites in France ! combattant cerf-volant ! at very reasonable rates .

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