Beat chinese manja

beat chinese manja

chinese manja ? whats that  ?

chinese manja

chinese manja is a kite flying thread made up of plastic and coated with iron powedr and abrasvie materials .

As this thread is made up of plastic it has got  good strength  and at the same time it has higher elasticity which is big negative for single kite kite flying . All figher kites are single line kites and they are controlled by controlling the tension of the thread they are tied too.

when you loosen the thread/tension kite start rotating and when you increase the tension by pulling the thread kite moves in direction of its head. with elastic thread this controling mechanism get distrubed and you are not always in good control of your own kite thanks to this cheap chinese manja also knows as monokite or chemical dor.

chinese manja also knows as chemical manja and due to its higher strength normal traditional manja flyers were not able to cut this chinese manja easily and that made it more popular among starters and kids.  You dont need any skill to take pech using this manja and that  takes the fun out of the sport.

It is very bad for the nature too as it is made of plastic which is not biodegrable material.

Normal kite manja gets degraded if lies on ground or tree with effect of moisture and sunlight where chemical dor is stays sharp and strong and becomes a danger for birds and animals getting tangled in thread. sometime humans do becomes victim of this chemical dor .

Most of the countries like India and Pakistan this dor is banned but still opportunist people import it illegally and sell it to make profits.

Gujarat govt in India has successfully implimented the ban but rest of the country it is not yet successfully follwed and you can get chinese manja very easily.

We at makes the best quality traditional Manja which is better than chinese manja and can cut thses cheap chinese dor very easily . You just need to practice some basic skills of kite cutting and thats it you can cut those using illegal manja  thread.

our threads are sharp but strength wise low so it will get broken with hands or strong pull power applied on it.

At the same time when you fly kite with this thread and pull the thread quickly or leave it fast it will cut chinese manja when it touches the thread and thats what every kite flyer wants and live for isnt it ?


you can order Manja which can beat chinese manja from us


beat chinese manja

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