Different kite flying thread used in India & Pakistan.

kite flying thread on display at store in Ahmedabad , India

kite flying thread 

Here is the short description of different thread options available among kite flying threads. If you need any more details or wish to buy any of the thread please get in touch with us !

kite flying thread manja coating getting done in Ahmedabad
kite flying thread manja coating getting done in Ahmedabad

3 cord

3 cord kite flying thread is made up of total 3 strands of cotton thread. It got reasonable strength and you can fly small and medium size kites with this thread. Generally this 3 cord thread is used in manja made for kids and new kite flyers only. Amateur and pro kite flyers never hardly use this thread to fly kite.

4 cord

4 cord kite flying thread is made up of 4 strands of cotton thread and got reasonable strength you can fly small and medium kites in good wind condition. It is not suitable for faster wind conditions. As this is very fine thread it makes a sharp thread after applying Manja so Pro kite flyers who can pull string quickly with their hands use this thread to cut the opponents kites.

6 cord

6 cord kite flying thread is made up of 6 strands of cotton thread . 6 cord thread is got good strength and is very suitable for medium and small threads. You can also fly big kites with this thread if windspeed is not too high like you get near sea. In many part of India during kite competition only 6 cord thread is allowed for the patangbaz who takes part. 6 cord thread makes very barik manja and most favorite of the Amateur and pro kite flyers.  Manja makers make manja from this thread in different lengths like 900 meter , 1000 meter , 2000 meter , 4000 meter , 5000 meter and 120000 meters.  You can get many variety in terms of  brands and length for 6 cord Manja as it is the most popular kite flying thread.

9 cord

9 cord kite flying thread is made by combining 9 small strands of cotton thread. You can fly all size of kites using this thread. But if you are flying tukkal Patang like they fly in Punjab(India) and Pakistan it is good but not the best thread to fly kite with . For rest of the kites it is one of the best kite flying thread as it got good strength and fineness.

12 cord

12 cord kite flying thread is made up of 12 strands of cotton thread combined into one thread. 12 cord thread got good strength and is suitable for all wind conditions and all size of kites available in India, Pakistan and suitable for wind conditions like we get in United states, UK , Middle east and Australia.

stronger kite flying thread

kite flying thread also available in 16 cords and more in some part of the world but being a responsible kite store we do not encourage use of strong thread to avoid accidents and make the sport a heatly one at the same time.

So dont ask us for stronger thread just go out with the one you have practice your skills and enjoy the kite fighting sport as the way it is .

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