kite fighting technique !

kite fighting technique

kite fighting technique

kite fighting technique involves use of manja in kite fighting.

The thread used is called Manja,using whcih you cut other opponents kite.

Manja is prepared using  glass powder , gum  and color mixer coat on simple thread .

kite fighting technique is very important thing to learn when you are playing this sport of kite fighting. first question you will ask is why to cut a kite ?
is kite fighting is great JOY ?
When we usually cut our opponents or rivals kite , they will fly a new kite and try and cut your kite and untill they do it successfully they will keep trying and you will do same when your kite gets cut and that makes this sport fun and rivalry can run whol day like this till one of you get tired.
The opponent will not give up trying unless that opponent cut our kite.  He or she will fly another kite once first kite gets cut. Likewise kite flying competition prevail entire day till we both end up the kite flying.  Its a great fun and stress killer game.
one very popular kite fighting technique is By pulling the string  you can cut the rivals kite very easily . check the following image we have prepared for you .
In this technique you have to keep the string of your kite below the rivals string and then you have to make sure that your kite is in upwards or correct position and then start pulling the string rapidly.
ones you start doing this your kite will go upwards and hence your string too will go up and at a moment it meets the rivals string and because of your fast pulling action rivals sting will get cut and you will win the competition.

how to cut the kite

How to cust kite ? now after reading this post sounds so easy ?? or not ? try to practice this pulling technique when you get time and practice is only thing which will help us learn and play any game better.

  1. you need to maneuver your kite well to get into perfect position .
  2. you need great skills to pull string faster . that’s call great hand speed it comes with lot of practice.
  3. you need a good balanced kite which stays in your control no matter how the wind is .
  4. you need a decent good quality manja if you don’t have this then all the above things will not matter.
  5. you do have to keep an appropriate distance between intersecting point and your kite it comes with experience of kite fighting the perfect distance will help you cut the kite of your rival very easily.
ones you attain good skills and have a great kite and Manja combination you can cut more than one kites with single pull of a string , many of the great kite fighters are famous in their neighborhood for cutting multiple kites at one go .
In Gujarati after doing this they will say ” Medan saf kari nakhyu ” in Hindi they say  “Maidan Saf kar diya
 here are links for different kite fighting technique you can go through them and get to know more about kite fighting.



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